LDP SMP terms of service.

1) After seeing link leading to this resource and not stopping to use service for next 5 minutes, you agreeing to this resource and agreeing that you need to follow it.

2) Restricted activities: any activity which violates server jurisdiction law system, members abusing inviting LDP SMP members to other Minecraft servers, games with ads/donations/shop/license based incomes if server member left LDP SMP 3 months ago without returning(return = time reset), spreading negative myths and fake information about LDP SMP(considered as sabotage), sabotage activity which expectedly made to harm LDP SMP, use it's resources, including failed attempts/planned actions/happened actions .

3) You obligated to follow Minecraft eula in LDP SMP minecraft server and discord ToS in LDP SMP discord server. Ingame talks and Discord talks in broadcast chats are considered as both discord and Minecraft.

4) New ToS works after 27 May 2024, people who violated old ToS before 1 February 2024 are forgiven. On conflicts with LDP SMP rules or documents, ToS being bypass document and keeping unlimited power over it.